At Fowlers Point Guiding Our Services and Amenities are our claim to fame. During the season, we hunt 7 days a week in any conditions rain or shine. The Reelfoot Lake Tennessee duck hunting season opens November 11th thru November 12th and continues December 2nd thru January 28th.

Here at Fowlers Point, we have five blinds to hunt from on Reelfoot Lake that can hold up to 30 hunters total. They are all heated and include a commode for when nature calls. Breakfast while out hunting is always cooked made to order in the blind. It usually includes eggs, some assortment of breakfast meats, biscuits or toast and piping hot coffee. In order to hunt on Reelfoot Lake and with Fowlers Point Guiding Service you are required to have a Reelfoot National Wildlife Duck Hunting Permit, a Federal Duck Stamp, Migratory Bird Permit, and a Tennessee State Hunting License.

Our Rate:

$275.00 per Day per Person. Includes amenities mentioned above.